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Long term strategies that work

Depression is a complex condition, but the good news is that it can be managed with a combination of strategies. What works for one person might not work for another – what counts is the willingness to try.

There are things we can do to address the root causes of depression, and other strategies that minimise the severity or the number of symptoms.

With the right approach, patience, and support from others, recovery from depression is possible.

Tackling root causes

  • Strengthening social connections
  • Changing your circumstances
  • Therapy

Minimising and managing your symptoms

Each of the below strategies has been shown to help reduce feelings of depression. When used in combination with the above strategies, they can have a strong positive impact on your wellbeing.

  • Be kind to yourself

    Being kind to yourself while you’re feeling low is challenging, but adding shame or guilt by criticising yourself will only make you feel worse.

    Allowing yourself to feel what you’re feeling without needing to fix it right away is hard, but is also really important.

    If you’re feeling depressed, try reducing the expectations you’ve set for yourself, or reach for your self care toolbox.

  • Eating well
  • Getting regular exercise
  • Avoiding substances
  • Getting out into nature
  • Getting enough sleep
  • Developing a routine
  • Engage in your hobbies
  • Medication
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