Meetup is a free online platform to meet people who share your interests through hundreds of online and in-person events happening every day.

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What it is

Meetup is an online platform to meet people who share your interests through online and in-person events.

You can use Meetup to meet new people, learn new things, find support, get out of your comfort zone, and pursue your passions, together.

There are hundreds of events happening right around Australia, every day.

Who it’s for

Meetup is for anyone looking to meet new friends, discover or connect around shared interests, or connect with their local community.

It’s free to signup and use the platform. You can either search for events and communities, or start your own. There are events and communities based on a huge range of interests, including:

  • Art and culture
  • Games
  • Hobbies
  • Identity and language
  • Movements and politics
  • Music
  • Pets & animals
  • Science & education
  • Social activities
  • Sports & fitness

The platform also supports multiple languages to help diverse communities connect with each other more easily.

How it helps

Sometimes it’s hard to meet people who share your interests, or to meet people in your local area. There isn’t always an easy way to find them, and then it’s hard to know what to say if you do.

Meetup helps take the difficulty out of meeting new people and forming relationships, because you will already know where and when to meet people, and have an activity or shared interest to connect over.

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