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How do natural disasters affect individual wellbeing?

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The stress caused by natural disasters can affect our wellbeing in several ways.

Some common signs of stress may include but are not limited to:

Physical symptoms: tiredness, headaches, difficulty sleeping, changes in appetite

Behavioural: increased use of alcohol, cigarettes or other drugs to cope or escape the situation

Psychological: poor concentration, poor memory, indecision, confusion

Social: withdrawal, less contact with family and friends

Emotional: feelings of anger, fear, sadness, irritability, helplessness, worry.

Most people experience these signs of stress at some point in their lives. However, if you are experiencing several at the same time or if they interfere with your ability to carry out daily activities, you should talk to someone you trust (e.g. partner, friend, relative) or seek help from your GP or another health professional.

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