Domestic & family violence

Types of domestic & family violence

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What are the different ways you might experience violence?

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Domestic and family violence can take many forms which include:

  • Physical – hitting, strangling, smashing things, denying medical support, hurting pets
  • Sexual – unwanted sex/sexual acts, sex on their conditions, denying choice in contraception
  • Emotional and psychological - put downs, blaming, threats of violence, self-harm or suicide, criticising appearance/body, spreading rumours
  • Financial - strict or unfair control of money
  • Verbal - name calling, yelling, public humiliation
  • Social - controlling where you go and who you see, controlling appearance
  • Stalking - following, making excessive phone calls, texts or emails
  • Spiritual or cultural - controlling practices or choices
  • Technology facilitated – tracking via mobile phone apps, monitoring spending through online bank accounts.

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