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Understand what happens when you connect with Lifeline, what we do, and how we might be able to help

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If life is in danger call 000

We are Australia's largest crisis support service, here to ensure you'll never face your darkest moment alone. The service is confidential and you'll be connected to a trained Lifeline Crisis Supporter who will be there to listen, without judgement.

About the service

We offer confidential one-to-one, short-term support with a trained Lifeline Crisis Supporter for people who are feeling overwhelmed or having difficulty coping.

How we can help

Our Crisis Supporters listen deeply without judgement and provide a safe space to discuss your needs, worries or concerns. They will support you to better understand your own reactions.

Depending on your needs, they will work with you to support your safety, and to identify any next steps you want to take, after the call.

When I am at my lowest, reaching out to an independent listening ear like Lifeline is invaluable.

How to connect with Lifeline

We offer three ways to get in touch.

  • Speak with us on the phone
  • Text us using a mobile
  • Chat online through our website.

All our services are now offered 24/7, right around Australia.

What to expect

  • Call
  • Text
  • Online chat

Our trained crisis supporters are there to listen and provide you with the support you need. Once you’re on the call, you can talk about what’s on your mind. You don’t have to give any identifying details if you don’t want to.

If you’re struggling to hold on to hope, or are feeling overwhelmed, please remember, we are here for you.

"I dialed 13 11 14...A lovely woman picked up, I said 'I don't really know why I called', and she said 'That's alright Ben, that's normally how the conversation begins'...That woman, God bless her, whoever she is, set into course a chain of events that ended up saving my life. That's why I'm here today."
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