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Lifeline’s Forums are a safe, anonymous online space to chat with others in similar situations, monitored 24/7 by mental health professionals.

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What they do

Lifeline’s Forums are a safe, anonymous, supportive online space to chat with others in similar situations. The forums are moderated 24/7 by mental health professionals, and feature a supportive community that facilitate conversations with other people in similar situations.

Who they’re for

Lifeline’s forums are for anyone over 18 in Australia who has experience with mental health conditions, their friends, family or carers.

They are especially helpful for people who might otherwise feel alone, disconnected or unheard in their experience.

How they help

Lifeline’s Discussion Forums offer a wealth of resources and services that are scientifically-informed and community-driven. The core of their support comes down to using individual experiences to form a shared connection. Opening up and sharing experiences is a well-known way to buffer painful mental health experiences. The forums can also help by:

  • Feeling less alone through hearing similar experience of others
  • Getting helpful tips and advice on self-care and practical tips
  • Tips and advice for carers, friends and family.
Being able to communicate with people in a similar situation online is a blessing.

Our forums are peer-to-peer support services. The information provided is designed to complement, not replace, the relationship between a patient and their health care professionals.

They do not provide crisis support or counselling. If you or someone you know is in crisis and needs urgent help contact Lifeline, or in an emergency, call 000.

How do you connect?

To connect with Lifeline Forums and access their counselling services, you can jump online and start a web-based session here.

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