BetStop is the National Self-Exclusion Register that lets you exclude yourself from all Australian licensed online and phone gambling services.

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What they do

BetStop - the National Self-Exclusion Register is a safe and free Australian Government initiative to block yourself from all licensed Australian online and phone gambling providers.

Who they're for

BetStop is available to everyone in Australia who is over 18 years old and wants to change their gambling habits.

How to register

You can register at

To register, you need a mobile phone number, email address and either an Australian driver’s licence or a Medicare card.

You may self-exclude for a period you choose, from a minimum of three months up to a lifetime.

How it works

Once you register, online and phone gambling providers will not be able to:

  • Let you place a bet
  • Let you open new betting accounts
  • Send you marketing messages.

Providers must also close any existing accounts and refund any credit balance you have. BetStop does not apply to online casino games or other gambling services that are illegally provided in Australia.

To identify whether customers are self-excluded, wagering providers are able to check their customer details against the register.

If the customer details match the records, BetStop will advise the gambling provider that the customer is self-excluded.

You can also nominate someone you know to support you while you are self-excluded.

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