MoodGym is a self-paced, interactive, and evidence-based online program that helps you learn how to prevent and manage symptoms of depression and anxiety through skills based on cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT).

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What it is

MoodGym is an interactive programme designed to help you

  • Identify whether you are having problems with emotions like anxiety and depression.
  • Learn skills that can help you cope with these emotions.

MoodGym provides training in cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT), and consists of five interactive modules which are completed in order.

These include information, interactive exercises, workbooks to record thoughts, feelings and behaviours, and quizzes with personalised feedback.

MoodGym was originally developed at the Australian National University, and is now made available free of charge to Australians thanks to funding from the Australian Commonwealth Department of Health and Ageing.

How it works

MoodGym uses Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Interpersonal therapy techniques. CBT is an evidence-based technique focusing on the important link between thoughts, behaviours and feelings. CBT recognises that we can change how we feel both by changing our thinking patterns, or implementing new behaviours (whichever works best for us).

Interpersonal therapy is a technique to help people identify and resolve their interpersonal difficulties with friends, family members or others that often accompany depression.

The app has been used effectively in clinical trials to treat depression and anxiety.

How do I access it?

You can access MoodGym here.

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